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Apology, Forgiveness, and Making Amends

In most religious traditions apology, forgiveness, and making amends are highly valued, as evidenced by the formal rituals that for millennia have marked those acts. In Judaism, for example, one of the holiest days of the year is Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. Observant Jews fast that day to repent their transgressions during the past year. Catholics confess their sins to a priest to receive spiritual guidance and forgiveness. Yoga teaching, too, speaks to the importance of dealing ethically with others. The concept of karma tells us, in part, that our actions will come back to us. Karma yoga is the practice of selflessly putting ourselves in service to others, and part of this is trying to right the wrongs we have done. – Dawn Friedman, Yoga Journal, Learn Forgiveness for Yourself When You Aren’t Forgiven  link

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