Theme: Dharma & Individual Uniqueness

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Questions Answered Here

  1. What are the four purusharthas (goals of human existence)?
  2. Define “dharma” and “sva dharma.”
  3. In what yogic source do we find the teaching that it is better to do your own dharma poorly than to do someone else’s well?
  4. If you feel stuck pondering what you are meant to do with your life, what can you do to begin to align with your purpose?
  5. Without the realization of dharma—even if you work hard and long—what is the likely result?
  6. How might you teach students to use their personal gifts as a pathway to their dharma?
  7. Report how Timothy McCall, MD describes the connection between connection to our dharma and our habits and state of health?
  8. Describe teachings from experts that relate connection to our dharma with happiness.
  9. Relate Stephen Cope’s beautiful teaching on, “You Love What You Know Deeply.”
  10. Describe on-the-mat practices for connecting to dharma.
  11. How can being in a state of imbalance hamper a student’s efforts related to dharma?
  12. How might you provide inspiration during class to support a focus on dharma?
  13. Give examples of “dilemmas of dharma” and Sally Kempton’s recommended steps for resolving them.

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