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Featured Poses: Malasana & Pasasana


Malasana = Garland Pose

Pasasana / Pashasana = Noose Pose

Also Known As

Yogic Squat

Upavesasana (Sitting Down Pose)

Iyengar Terminology

Malasana I – binding behind back

Malasana II – grasping ankles and taking forehead to toes

Heart of Pose

Hip Stretch


* Malasana is often shown as feet wide and turned out with palms together in front of torso. This is a more accessible variation of the traditional full pose.

* The traditional full pose has feet parallel and together, reaching arms around legs for bind.

* Pasasana (Noose Pose) has feet together with a bound twist.

* Some variations include modified twists (with feet apart or together).

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