YTC Teacher Certification and Pre-Certification Study Program


Learn about free teacher support available now. Plus, get a preview of the affordable certification opportunities coming soon.


Offer resources to uplift the yoga teaching field as a whole, and to support individual teachers in meeting their particular needs.

  1. Propose Minimum Knowledge Standards for yoga teachers.
  2. Offer free, private Self-Assessments to identify educational gaps.
  3. Help teachers to bolster knowledge with high quality, accessible and practical lessons.
  4. Create an affordable and individualized way for teachers to choose the particular lessons that they need.
  5. Provide a way to be recognized for dedication and knowledge, and to promote status as YTC Teachers and YTC Certified Teachers.


Pre-Certification Study Program

In a Nutshell

  • The Pre-Certification Study Program is open to Yoga Teacher Central members, past members and non-members.
  • The enrollment fee is $25.
  • Members receive current membership benefits plus additional benefits listed below.
  • Enrollment qualifies you for lifetime YTC Teacher status.
  • The Pre-Certification Study Program will be available soon.


Enrolling in the YTC Pre-Certification Study Program gives you:

  1. A downloadable Knowledge Standards Lesson Guide to walk you through a structured assessment and study path toward certification.
  2. Selection of 5 Downloadable Lessons of your choice (from a library of nearly 400) for lifetime use.
  3. Recognition as a YTC Teacher (for life; no expiration).
  4. Professional marketing kit for highlighting your YTC Teacher status on social media and your website.


  • Your current membership gives you online access to not only thousands of pages of organized study and teaching knowledge, but also sequence breakdowns and teaching notes, theme plans, injury cheat-sheets, and so on.
  • When you enroll in the Pre-Certification Study Program, you get these additional benefits: a Knowledge Standards Lesson Guide, selection of 5 Downloadable Lessons of your choice, and a professional marketing kit for highlighting your YTC Teacher status on social media and your website.


Teacher Certification

Coming in 2021: Option for YTC Teachers to matriculate and achieve certification status via low cost, in-home examination.


Authorized Trainers

More information on Authorized Trainers coming soon.

The professional marketing materials (to be provided free to current and past trainer members) are in the design strategy stage now.


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