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Accessible Yoga

For powerful conversations with thought leaders at the intersection of justice, knowledge, and practice. Accessible Yoga podcast are hosted by Jivana Heyman and Amber Karnes.

Acosta, Rosie

Rosie Acosta is an Inspirational Speaker, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and a Yoga Teacher Trainer, a Holistic Health Coach. As the founder of Radically Loved: Yoga, Health + Wellness, she is also the host of the Radically Loved Radio podcast. In all her work, Rosie teaches and practices being guided by RADICAL LOVE every day and connecting to that through yoga, diet, affirmation, self-inquiry, and curiosity. In helping others find their unique gifts and fire within, she aims to create practices and connect with people in a way that will help everyone live radically loved lives together.

Alexander, Aaron

He regularly works with both Olympic and professional level athletes to achieve optimal performance. He teaches movement based bodywork internationally and has helped thousands out of pain and into health. His approach combines mainly self-care with myofascial release techniques and functional movement practices. The system can be utilized anytime or place. His teaching at times can look like exercise but is so much more.

Ash, Lauren

Black Girl In Om creates space for women of color to breathe easy. BGIO promotes holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color. We encourage self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment for communities of color. To view more of her podcasts you can visit her website at www.blackgirlinom.com.

Brach, Tara

Tara Brach, Ph.D is an internationally known meditation teacher and author of bestselling Radical Acceptance and True Refuge. Tara shares a weekly guided meditation and talk that blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices. The podcast addresses the value of mindfulness meditation and self-compassion in relieving emotional suffering, serving spiritual awakening and bringing healing to our world.

Brown, J.

For more than fifteen years, J. Brown has been developing techniques to teach people how to practice yoga in a deeper and more fulfilling way. He is also a well known writer, having been featured in Yoga Therapy Today, the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, Elephant Journal, and Yogadork. He came to yoga by way of his mother’s death. Reconciling that loss, and wanting to be free from the crippling grief and disillusionment that came with it, fueled his passion for learning to make himself well.

Core Power Yoga

Each month Core Power Yoga feature a new “Asana of the Month” video podcast, where you can gain a deeper understanding of postures commonly practiced in CorePower Yoga classes.

Dass, Ram

Ram Dass shares his heart-centered wisdom in each episode featuring excerpted lectures given throughout the last 40 years, with an introduction from Raghu Markus of Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation.

Elephant Journal

Jennifer wrote a list of her favorite (free) yoga practice podcasts, for those of who want to break a sweat without breaking the bank.

Even — Esh, Zach

Zach Even – Esh is a Strength Coach & Founder of The Underground Strength Gym which began from his parents garage & backyard in 2002. He’s been the strength & conditioning coach for Lehigh U. Wrestling &  currently the strength coach for Rutgers U. Wrestling.

Ferretti, Andrea

Andrea Ferretti spent more than a decade as an editor at Yoga Journal interviewing inspiring yoga teachers, creative thinkers, and wellness experts. Now, on Yogaland, Andrea talks to insightful people about all things related to yoga and the path of self-awareness. From how yoga is being used in schools, to how it rewires our brains, to nitty gritty anatomy advice, to the simple ways it helps us navigate emotions. Yogaland is a dose of weekly inspiration that focuses on creating a happy, healthy, meaningful life.

Getman, Liz (Beyond Asana)

Beyond the mat. Beyond the BS. Beyond Asana is a podcast for yoga practitioners and anyone looking to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Guests from across the globe share how we can use yoga as a tool for transformative change for the betterment of all living beings. Hosted by Liz Getman.

Harris, Dan

Dan Harris is a fidgety, skeptical ABC newsman who had a panic attack live on Good Morning America, which led him to something he always thought was ridiculous: meditation. He wrote the bestselling book, “10% Happier,” started an app — “10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics” — and now, in this podcast, Dan talks with smart people about whether there’s anything beyond 10%. Basically, here’s what this podcast is obsessed with: Can you be an ambitious person and still strive for enlightenment (whatever that means)?

LaRue, Mary Beth & Jacki Carr (Rock Your Bliss)

Rock Your Bliss podcast co-hosts Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue created an interview series filled with inspirational conversation, self inquiry into how to rock your bliss and storytelling from inspiring humans all over the globe. The intention of each episode is to provide insight, tools and a new way of thinking to make shift happen in your days, weeks and perhaps even your life. Below is a list of their Season 8 podcasts you can listen to. For more visit their website at www.rockyourblissmovement.com

Rogan, Joe

Joseph James Rogan is an American stand-up comedian, mixed martial arts color commentator, podcast host, businessman and former television host and actor.

Stickler, Jessica

Jessica teaches musically infused and philosophically amused classes that aim to inspire, uplift, incite, and ignite! She teaches Jivamukti classes, that combines physical technique with music, spiritual scripture, non-violence, and meditation.

Talk Beliefs

The goal of this channel is to explore what and why we believe, as well as to challenge believers on their beliefs and how they view the world and especially how they view non-believers. Talk Beliefs dives into the fascinating world of religions and cults – focusing primarily on ex-members and their stories. They also look at the creation-evolution debate, where science and faith regularly lock horns.

Yoga Download

YogaDownload.com brings you 20 minute yoga sessions to help you relax, become more centered, and bring balance to your body, mind and soul. Choose from a wide-variety of yoga styles and themes perfect for any mood or day of the week.

Yoga Journal Podcasts: The Practice

Yoga Journal brings you accessible 5- to 30-minute meditation, pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and mantra practices from some of the world’s best teachers. All you have to do is tune in.

Yogapedia Podcast — Clere, Saraswati

For thousands of years, yogis gathered together in satsang to study the teachings of yoga. The Yogapedia Podcast is a designed for that purpose, to be a place where we can gather and learn from modern yoga scholars and teachers.


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