Free Resources – Planning Support & Sample Handout for Workshops, Courses, Series

Why Plan Workshops or Series?

Planning a series of classes or workshops can help you reap such huge benefits as these:

  1. Take a higher and more strategic perspective on planning a series of teachings that go deeper on a topic, or that progress through a series of related topics.
  2. Plan ahead of time in order to be mindful and responsive to the season, holidays and other considerations.
  3. Give students who attend regularly the opportunity to focus in on a practice and “go deeper” with it to experience greater effect. (But the progression of classes need not require previous attendance unless you specifically wish to offer such a series.)
  4. Have the opportunity to promote the upcoming focus, thereby encouraging current and new students to attend regularly to experience a promised path of study.
  5. With advance planning, you can immerse yourself in the teaching ahead of time if you wish.
  6. With a predetermined focus, classes are less likely to feel stale, disjointed or too busy.
  7. You can condense your planning time into a few specific, focused times. If you rarely plan, your focus will pay dividends. And if you’re often trying to fit in mini planning times, you can avoid the stress of feeling anxious about planning prior to every class.

Making it Happen

We make it easier for you to plan workshops or series, which can help you to secure student commitments and extra revenue. We save you planning time so that you can go deeper into the areas where you add the most value. The world needs you to be sharing the inspirational teachings that you love to share!

First Steps

  • Decide on series title and focus.*
  • Even if you don’t plan specific workshops, you may wish to promote the benefits of your upcoming classes to encourage student commitment and attendance.
  • Plan location and dates.
  • Promote your upcoming offerings via your personal channels and co-promote with a studio, co-presenter or other partners.

* We’ve got 20 different suggestions for members here. We’ve broken out the topics into series lasting anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks, and included direct links to teaching content.

Student Handouts

We offer professionally-designed student handouts for various series topics. The content is top-notch and will add value to your offering. You can follow the flow of the handouts or simply offer them as background to support to in-class practice.

We are so excited for you to be able to share excellent and inspirational materials with your students! Student Handouts will be offered in our Store, beginning September 1, 2017. No membership necessary. See below for a sample Student Handout.

More Member Resources

Sample Topics

We’ve got 20 different topic suggestions for members here. We’ve broken out the topics into series lasting anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks, and included direct links to teaching content. For example, perhaps you would like to offer a series that covers asana categories or families. In a series of 4 to 8 classes, you could cover such topics as:

  1. Pose Categories & Families
  2. Standing Poses, Balancing
  3. Forward Bends
  4. Backbends
  5. Twists
  6. Core Strengthening & Arm Balances
  7. Inversions
  8. Restoratives
  9. Balanced Class Sequence

The links above are for really spectacular member content, but even without membership, you can get Student Handouts in our store. See a sample below.

Check out this awesome Student Handout! We think you’ll agree that it is:

  • Beautifully designed
  • Clearly presented with excellent content
  • Brief enough to be inviting; deep enough to add real value
  • Strategic and organized; can guide your own class planning, or can simply serve as value-added support for students

Please let us know what you think and if there’s anything else you need.

Workshop Handout – Forward Bending


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