Upavistha Konasana (Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend) – Overview

Included Here

  • Upavistha Konasana (Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend)
  • Related poses such as Padangustha Upavistha Konasana, Parsva Upavistha Konasana, Parivrtta Upavistha Konasana and Upavistha Konasana B

Sanskrit & Naming

  • Upavistha Konasana

oo-pah-VEESH-tah cone-AHS-anna

“upavistha” = seated

“kona” = angle

Seated Angle or Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend

  • Upavistha Konasana B also known as:

Urdhva Upavistha Konasana (Upward Seated Wide Angle Pose), Utthita Upavistha Konasana (Extended Seated Wide Angle Pose), Upavistha Konasana Lift Up

Heart of Pose

  • Forward Bend

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