Stretches – Neck, Wrists, Ankles – Overview

About this Digest

  • Select from the Quick Menu above to review stretches, asana variations, and flows that target the neck, wrists and ankles.

About the Digests featuring Stretches

  • The digests that feature stretches bring together many ideas for consideration into one view.
  • Each digest has a different anatomical focus. The following links take you to the Overview for each digest: Back and Side Waist; Hips and Legs; Neck, Wrists & Ankles; Shoulders & Upper Torso.
  • Within each digest there is a separate page for standing stretches and for seated stretches, with other categorizations as appropriate. When you are on any page in a digest, you may use the quick menu to navigate to the various categorizations.

About the Stretches & Flows

  • These practices can be used to warm up the body or to prepare for particular target actions.
  • They may serve as preparation for more physically strenuous asana.
  • The flows may help to prepare for a static hold.
  • And these practices may be used to prepare for or support Restorative Yoga and Meditation.
  • Some of these practices may also serve as alternatives to asana during injury or other conditions.


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