Agnistambhasana (Fire Log) – Overview

Lesson Overview

  • Features: Agnistambhasana (Fire Log), also known as Dwi Pada Rajakapotasana (Double Pigeon) and Square pose
  • Objective: Become knowledgeable about the pose and review detailed teaching considerations.
  • Description: Explain the Sanskrit naming; contraindications and cautions; associated benefits and typical effects; instructions and cues for setting up and practicing the pose; variations to meet particular intentions and needs; and more teaching considerations.


Fire Log Pose

Also known as: Dwi Pada Rajakapotasana (Double Pigeon) and Square Pose

Heart of Pose

  • Hip Stretch

Mythology & Imagery

In the Rig Veda, fire is personified as Agni (which has the same root as our word “ignite”). Agni is said to be present in the fire of the sun, in the stars, the lightning. He is in the digestive fire in our bellies and in the pillar of smoke that links us with the gods and this world with the next. The ritual of “building a fireplace” was the centerpiece of ancient Vedic civilization. Fire is the agent of sacrifice and transformation, and the sacred fire altar was a portal between the worlds, a threshold place where prayers and sacrificial offerings could pass from earth to heaven and blessings could descend from heaven to earth—all through the medium of the fire… Many mythological stories feature fire, sacrifice, and the results of its correct or incorrect execution. – Zo Newell, Yoga International, The Mythology Behind Agnistambhasana  link

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